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We invite you to explore the seldom seen in France and Italy with us!


True adventure in foreign places and cultures requires stepping off the beaten path and right into the local scene. CycleVentoux offers private, customized adventure travel experiences in Europe. Our trips offer unique ways to explore on foot, by bike and on skis. Our goal is to maximize every aspect of travelling and living out the trip of your dreams in Europe.

We create custom crafted itineraries that cater to skiers, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts. CycleVentoux can accommodate a daily dose of sports action with the ability to ditch the day’s plan at any time. Because sometimes an ancient thermal hot spring beckons as you spin past, or taking a café break in an ancient cobbled piazza should be savoured. It is, after all, your vacation!


CycleVentoux was founded out our love of things and places European, the outdoors, good food and seemingly endless miles of fantastic roads to bike and explore. The continent has worship all things cycling - The men who have conquered the Tour de France, The Giro d'Italia and a myriad of "one day classics" - The equipment and it's storied and revered makers, Italian frame builders and component makers are some of the most admired industrial designers and manufacturers of the twentieth century - The lore and culture is deep here. From vintage commercial posters, museums, art and objects, non-stop coverage of cycling sporting events place cycling front and center in society. The bike has been the only method of transportation for many - the car being a luxury few could afford in the past. This has forged a respect and admiration for this two wheeled mechanical marvel. Europeans live and breathe the bike. We'd like to expand your passion by guiding you through it's natural "home"



Barbaresco Cycle and Wine Experience

Just mention the word "Alps" to someone and what comes to mind? Skiing! - alpininism - alpine huts, hot chocolate, "gemütlichkeit" (German for cosiness, contententedness, comfort and relaxation after a hard day hitting the slopes!) and, of course spectactular scenery!

The arc of the Alps begins at the Mediterranean border between France and Italy and rises to the Italian peaks Mon Viso and Gran Paradiso continuing on to the Mont Blanc massif across the roof of Europe to the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and on into the Arlberg, Tirol across Austria. Throughout lay some of the most iconic ski terrain in the world. 

We've spent years exploring and touring on foot in the summer and by ski in the winter to discover the people, places and terrain that provide the ultimate alpine experience whether it be a complete wilderness ski challenge such as the famed Haute Route or a week of guided luxury ski and spa vacation in Bormio.

Travel & Retreats

You need to take a "vacation" to recoup and recharge yourself for the days ahead. For us that has always meant accomplishing a goal while doing it. It may be a four day hut to hut trip with your family, a yoga retreat with friends in an interesting location where you can see, eat and explore a European locale, or a wine and food "tour" with an emphasis on getting some daily exercise far from a hotel gym. All the more to enjoy the next gourmet meal. We understand! We've created some great itineraries with interesting regional people to provide such a "break" from life. We are also always prepared to discuss a custom crafted trip along your ideals - consider us a European concierge service - just ask!

A customized trip with CycleVentoux offers local knowledge and insider planning for the best cycling and ski touring at whatever level you desire. Based in Sèguret, France and Barolo, Italy we have cultivated a wealth of local expertise and connections in both France and Italy, a finely-tuned attention to details, knowledge of local lore and history, culture, cuisine and wine, all to share with our vacationing athletes for an incredibly rich and satisfying experience.

 Cycling trips run from mid-April through mid-November in the France and Italy.

Ski touring trips run from January through May in the Italian and Austrian Alps

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We can help you create a custom ski or cycling tour in Europe crafted to suit your schedule and itinerary desires. Contact us today to start planning your dream trip.