Custom road bike vacations and ski touring adventures in the French and Italian Alps


True adventure in foreign places and cultures requires stepping off the beaten path and right into the local culture, which is why CV offers private, entirely customized adventure travel experiences in Europe for athletes. Our trips offer unique ways to explore the Alps via bike or skis, and to maximize every aspect of traveling around and living out the trip of your dreams in Europe.

 We build custom crafted itineraries to cater to the most ambitious skiers and disciplined cyclists, or, CV can accommodate a daily dose of sports action with the ability to ditch the day’s plan at any time. Because sometimes, an ancient thermal hot spring beckons as you spin past, or taking a long break in an ancient cobbled plaza with a millennia of use can – and should - take precedent over yet another perfect hill climb. It is, after all, your vacation.


The Alta Langhe

                                                                             Cycle le salite dei campioni, a series of six climbs in the Piedmont region of Italy. Each 'salita,' or climb, is named after a legend in road cycling: Anquetil, Bartali, Bobet, Coppi, Gaul and Pantani. In between ascents and descents, the Alta Langhe offers endless spinning along rural roads, through spectacular vineyards, opportunities to sample renowned local cheeses, wines, and treasures like the white truffle of Alba...

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Barolo / Barbaresco

Barbaresco Cycle and Wine Experience

Spend a week cycling the countryside around this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The storied viticultural history of the Barolo/Barbaresco region dates back to at least the 5th century BC, and the region is rich in fantastic cycling terrain as well as history and culture. Lodge in a lovely agriturismo, dine in trattorias showcasing the Piedmont's incomparable cuisine, and count on a few gelato stops to fuel the riding over the hills and through the valleys...

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Italian Ski Touring

The Piedmont Alps are one of our favorite winter time places, and a standout ski touring destination in Europe. Deep in isolated valleys high along the border with France, climb and ski incredible powder, meet wonderful people, and of course, indulge in cuisine to refuel your body and spirit like never before. Our certified guides and mountain hotel owners have created an alpine haven for those in search of off the beaten path ski adventures and winter beauty...

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A customized trip with CycleVentoux offers supremely knowledgeable insider planning for the best cycling and ski touring at whatever level you desire. Based out of Barolo, Italy, we have cultivated a wealth of local expertise and connections in both Italy and France, a finely-tuned attention to details, knowledge of local lore and history, culture, cuisine and wine, all to share with our vacationing athletes for an incredibly rich and satisfying experience on all levels.

 Cycling trips run from mid-April through mid-November in the French and Italian Alps.

Ski touring trips run from January through May in the Italian Alps.

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We can help you create an unforgettable, bespoke ski or cycling tour in France, Italy, and parts of Austria, crafted to suit your schedule and itinerary desires. Contact us today to start planning your dream trip.